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Tamara Guerrero
I am a professional with experience in the area of International Affairs and Finance. I have a passion for all issues related to the international arena, specially those shaping the global agenda, and occuring in the developing world. I am a highly motivated and driven person, who likes to work and interact with people from differents parts of the world in international environments.
— Tamara, Switzerland
Andrea Cervera Alepuz
I have a BA in Translation and Interpretation and I am currently studying a master in biomedical and pharmaceutical translation in Barcelona. Learning new languages and translating are my two passions and I would love to live of it. I am very much looking forward to being a volunteer as it would be a wonderful way of helping others and gaining experience in my career.
— Andrea, Spain
rocio olavarrieta quevedo
I'm an interpreter, translator, teacher and leisure and entertainment monitor. I speak Spanish, English, French and a little German. I like dancing, music and travelling. Willing to learn and to seek new experiences.
— rocio, Spain

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